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We, and our Consumer Code of Practice approved by the TSI, recommend that new carpet underlay is bought with every new carpet. The reasons for this are:

Underlay is vital for a new carpet to sit properly and wear evenly

It improves the feel of the carpet underfoot and helps with that ‘luxury’ feel

It increases heat and sound insulation and can reduce energy costs

It reduces pile compression and so enables a carpet to retain its appearance for longer

Noise insulation. Acoustics are considerably improved with carpet and underlay while impact noise is reduced

New underlay can increase the life of your carpet by forty per cent


Just as carpet may wear more in certain areas, so does the underlay. You wouldn’t buy a new car with old tyres! What is more, manufacturers may not accept a complaint if old underlay has been used or, worse still, no underlay has been used at all.

So, remember to buy new underlay with a new carpet!