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Children cooking during lockdown

April 16, 2020

Like many, we have got our children cooking one meal a week each during lockdown. Bearing in mind they are 23 and 20 and both at university, one may be forgiven for thinking (or hoping) that they had learnt some cooking skills. Clearly not! All I can say is that it is like being a […]


What does our home say about us?

April 7, 2020

Let’s be honest – we aren’t faced with a lot of decisions in our daily lives at the moment (apart from ‘what shall I do today? and ‘what time is wine o’clock?’). Furthermore, many of us are working from home, at kitchen tables, in box rooms, garden sheds etc. Meetings, however, are still going ahead […]


Reasons to be cheerful

April 1, 2020

In unsettling times, we must look on the bright side, be optimistic and thankful.  Here, for a start, are my ’10 reasons to be cheerful’: It has stopped raining – and we are in British summer time Brexit seems a thing of the past On that note, no one is asking Nigel Farage for his […]