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We are fortunate to enjoy excellent relationships with the media – particularly those in the home interest market. By and large we have no issues with the press but every now and then we are subject ot inaccurate, and, dare we sat it, lazy journalism designed to scare consumers.

Saturday saw such an example in the Saturday section of the Daily Telegraph and a piece entitled ‘What lies beneath:the toxic hotspots to look out for in your home.’ The old chestnut that carpet is bad for you was raised – although frankly, if you took the article at face value, you wouldn’t live in a house because most things are dangerous.

We deal in facts and the truth is carpet is not a breeding ground for dust mites and does not aggravate asthma. Dust mites need 60-70% humidity to thrive (hence beds are their favourite spot) and the temperature and humidity levels in carpet are far lower. What’s more, unlike hard floors from which dust and pollutants are kicked up easily, carpet acts like a sponge and soaks up mites and allergens which can then be removed with regular vacuuming. Wool carpets are actually especially good for creating a healthier home environment. Scientists worldwide agree that there is no scientific evidence to support the view that the removal of carpet is beneficial to asthma sufferers. Air quality is actually improved.