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Bring Us Sunshine

We all need a bit of a lift at the moment and, if global colour authority Pantone is to be believed, we will give it to our homes this year as one of their colours of 2021 is ‘Illuminating’, a sunny yellow.

Yellow is a wonderfully happy and cheerful colour – just what we need right now – that injects warmth and optimism into interiors. We need to feel that life is getting better and brigher – as it is, with the vaccines.

Pantone’s other colour of the year is ‘Ultimate Grey’, which ties in with Dulux’s chosen colour of Brave Ground, a taupe. Both may be pastels but in more pwerful hues as part of the move towards a ‘feel good’ decor. Warm and soothing, they embody courage and resilience and are practical, rock-solid colours for interiors.

The future is bright! Enjoy and embrace.