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Patterned carpet comeback

For many, the idea of patterned carpet conjures up images of tired, swirly, pub-style carpet. But think again. The likes of Brintons, Crucial Trading and Ulster Carpets are dispelling the myth with modern, attractive designs that will grace any floor.

Brintons has long worked with the Timorous Beasties (as well as Laura Ashley) and their latest designs include a jet-black damask, a floral and a moire motif. Crucial Trading have been at the forefront of ‘floor fashion’ for a while, and are particularly well-known for their striped carpets which look amazing on stairs and in hallways.

As well as being eye-catching, patterned carpet is highly practical and a great choice for the busiest areas of a home – concealing marks and wear and tear while at the same time increasing insulation and sound-proofing.

So, don’t be frightened by pattern. It can add glamour and the ‘wow factor’ to floors.