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Improving your home

September is National Home Improvement month, an initiative, funnily enough, designed to get us to improve our homes during September! Joking aside, a survey of 2011 UK home owners by the British Home Improvement Trade Association, the body behind the campaign, found that 31% had decided during lockdown to update their home’s style. What is more, since lockdown began, there has been an 84% increase in online searches for ‘home decor’.

What better way to ‘update’ than with a new carpet. Warm and welcoming, with an almost unlimited choice of colours, textures and designs that are not available with other floorcoverings, carpet instantly brings a feeling of comfort and luxury to a room. It makes a home. Then there are the practical benefits of sound absorption, insulation and the fact that it is a soft, forgiving surface. Give your feet a treat with a new carpet.