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Interiors could boom

With all of us confined to barracks at the moment, interior decorating could be set for a mini-boom when we emerge from these dreadful times as we see things we would like to change or improve in our homes. Added to that, we will be missing out on holidays this year and some of that money might be redirected to home and garden renovation projects.

This view is shared by research this week from TI Media Homes among 500 ABC1 consumers. 51% said they actively plan to spend more time engaging in their passions while 48% said spending so much time at home was making them see things they would like to redecorate and change (carpets and curtains were acively mentioned here). 39% are planning a major home project when restrictions are lifted.

So, there are grounds for cautious optimism going forward. Remeber, we did see the Boris Bounce in January when the pent-up demand was unleashed. There is no reason why it can’t happen again.