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What does our home say about us?

Let’s be honest – we aren’t faced with a lot of decisions in our daily lives at the moment (apart from ‘what shall I do today? and ‘what time is wine o’clock?’). Furthermore, many of us are working from home, at kitchen tables, in box rooms, garden sheds etc.

Meetings, however, are still going ahead and, as this dreadful time has shown, we don’t need to be holed up in Meeting Room 1 or wherever to have a productive session. Zoom and Skype are proving invaluable.

BUT, it does mean everyone ‘on the call’ gets a sneak preview of our houses, warts and all, be it the carpet, soft furnishings, wall art or whatever. Yet so many of us are oblivious to this! We see ‘organised’ chaos with books strewn all over the floor and a desk that looks like a hurricane has hit it. My personal favourite are bookcases. A bookshelf, and ideally more than one bookshelf, packed to the gunnels may seem to present one as an intellectual and refined. Be careful though – bookcases reveal a lot about us. Sitting in front of a bookcase with the Joy of Sex, a large collection of ‘Carry On’ films or the 2019 Beano annual may not convey the image you want!

So, if you have a video conference call today or soon, remember to set the right tone with your backdrop.