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New research shows you can breathe easy with wool and carpets

Carpet is the UK’s favourite floorcovering, but one stigma, and total misconception remains, namely that carpet is not good for indoor air quality and is a breeding ground for dust mites and can aggravate asthma.  It is nonsense – we have the research to prove it (please look under Carpet Concerns on our site). 

Now, in 2020, new research has further aided our position.  Scientific research by Bangor University has conclusively shown that Wool interiors can help clean the air in homes. Their research found that installing wool carpets, curtains and soft furnishings can actually improve air quality inside homes. They found that wool is able to absorb a range of potentially harmful chemicals. So, the message is clear – wool is good for you and the more wool in a home, the better!

Breathe easy with wool and carpet!