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Over the years, there has been a lot of inaccurate and, at times, ‘scaremongering’ material written about carpet – particularly on the subject of asthma and indoor air quality. We can categorically state that carpet is not a problem for, or cause of, asthma. In fact, leading scientists worldwide agree that there is no scientific evidence to support the view that the removal of carpet is beneficial to asthma sufferers.

Similarly, underfloor heating has grown in popularity in recent years – and some maintain they are not compatible with carpet. Not true!
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Carpet is not toxic

Carpet is not toxic

All UK manufacturers adhere to the OSPAR convention, the main inter-governmental agreement to regulate and control marine pollution in the North Sea and North Atlantic.

Manufacturers recognise their environmental responsibilities – especially in this era.

All process emissions must meet stringent regulations that are policed by the environment agency.

The UK carpet industry has an excellent record of compliance and improvement.

Most manufactured products, like carpet, contain chemicals that are used either in its production or in the production of its raw materials.  Some, like the mothproofing treatment for carpets called Permetherin, are applied deliberately.

Wool is known to absorb airborne toxic pollutants from the atmosphere, so contributing to cleaner air.

Regular vacuuming will reduce the amount of toxic pollutants (which are already held safely in the pile of the carpet).  What is more, these toxins will not have originated in the carpet.

Carpet is NOT a health hazard.

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