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Home ventilation

Home ventilation gives rise to all sorts sorts of theories about how best to achieve it.  It was disappointing today to watch a piece on BBC Breakfast this morning concerning how to ventilate one’s home – and the benefits of so doing. It was based on some research done in Scotland. The piece asserted that a home contains a harmful level of pollutants and that carpets, along with curtains and other soft furnishings, give off chemicals. This is NOT true.

All materials emit gasses from V.O.C’s. (Volatile Organic Compounds) but tests have shown that carpet emits significantly lower levels than other indoor finishes and furnishings and, as such,pose absolutely no threat to UK consumers.

Indeed, on the contrary, wool pile carpet absorbs common gaseous airborne pollutants and generally improves indoor air quality. Carpet also traps other particulate pollutants, deposited through foot traffic or airborne settlement, holding them in the pile of the carpet, away from its surface until they can be removed by regular, normal vacuum cleaning.

Rest assured, carpet IS the healthy flooring option.

Boho range in Hamilton design

Boho range in Hamilton design

Oaklands Collection in Limestone 2016