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Decorating with Blue

Decorating with blue is very much an interior trend at the moment.  And no wonder! Cool, calm, classic – you can depend on blue.  It is one of the most versatile colours and a firm favourite for interiors thanks to its timeless appeal.  It makes us feel calm and relaxed – or vibrant and energised!  Its palette ranges from delicate powdery shades to deep inky tones, rich aqua, turquoise and navy.

It is also a very versatile shade that works with neutrals, dusky pinks, sage greens, purples and yellows – almost any colour in fact.

Associated with calm and serenity, blue is a ‘stress buster’.  Evocative of the freshness of the sea, sky and summer, it oozes tranquillity. And do you know why that is?  It is to do with how spectrums of light hit the retina.  So, a few words on blue as an interior choice – and a science lesson!

Brintons Bell Twist carpet in Windermere Blue

Brintons Bell Twist carpet in Windermere Blue