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Carpet in the media

Period Living - MarchHot on the heels of our success with our three pages in The Sunday Times just before Christmas, 2016 has got off to a strong start editorially for carpet.  Already in the first 2 months of the year, Period Living, Homes & Antiques and The English Home have all run features on carpet, using CF manufacturer images and highlighting the Code of Practice adopted by CF retailers.  Such exposure amounts to at least £40,000 in value – and there is more to coming in the next few months!


Period Living was a superb three page article  entitled ‘British Underfoot’. It featured images from Brintons, Brockway, Cormar, Ulster and Victoria – and cited our retailers as the people to buy carpet from with your Code of Practice.  It was a refreshingly different angle in a magazine and charted, briefly, the history of carpet manufacture, ending with the comment that, ‘Today, Britain remains a centre of excellence when it comes to carpet production’. And so say all of us!

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